Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

The Moon Masks

The EARTH front got pushy in the fiction but did not make a major move against the clan.

What ended up happening was the hubris of the Moon Mask spy network, and that of the Rat and the Hole Gang getting them both into trouble.

Started with Oghma seeking Firmfarer and getting trailed by Moon Masks. Ty had to deal with a bunch before delivering a key stone to Indagos. It ended up in a group simple contest with Moon Masks trying to get all our PCs, and the PCs fighting back in various ways. Very “I fought, we won” in feel.

Stayn went drinking and gambling on fighting electric catfish at Goldfang’s tavern. He ingratiated himself with Radak and Iron Centurion and gained an audience with GimGim the grim.

Oghma watched as Firmfarer took on ex-priest Tintalker. He ran off with the temple regalia.

Porthor and Ty convinced the priest of Humakt to invest some gems with truth magic, and gave them over to the Sun Dome templars to keep them out of a battle brewing at Moonbroth.

And members of the Pavis faction hunted Stayn through the streets. He was saved by a nestling who led him to a sewer escape.

Weird. Fun. More later.